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    $18 = one day of help and hope for a man at Earl's Place.


Make a one-time donation or join the

growing group of GEMs.

(Giving Every Month Donors).


A monthly pledge of $10 or more will help sustain our programs


Thank you from all of us!



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    Privacy Policy


    United Ministries offers housing and support services to men experiencing homelessness           

    by providing transitional and permanent supportive housing

    through Earl's Place in Baltimore City and Prospect Place in Baltimore County.



    October 10 is World Homeless Day

    Will you donate $10 to help a man change his life?







    This year, Bob celeberated 17 years of sobriety and stable housing.


    He says Earl's Place saved his life.


    Thank you for giving hope, help and a home to men who want to change their lives.



    If you would like to purchase a copy of our book,

    Portraits of Lives Tranformed: 20 years of New Beginnings,

      please contact the office at 410-522-0225.


    View a short video here.


    Together we are changing lives.  Thank you!